Why We Homeschool

Way back in 2011 we decided to begin homeschooling our oldest.  Miss C was very much a Daddy’s girl then and still a number of years later has remained that way.  With my husband’s schedule we do not have him home a few nights a week, or if he is coming home, it is not until much later than a “normal” family eats dinner.

We decided over 6 years ago that by homeschooling it allowed us to have the family time that we crave.  If we had to send them to school there would not be much time to see Daddy, much less have a family dinner together.  There are some nights he is not home to eat dinner until almost 8pm and for those of you with experience in the public school system that could be very late if we had to get the kids to go to bed to get up for the next school day.

His job remains a blessing, because he loves being a college professor.  But the crazy hours, since we live a distance away from the college, have remained as well.  We have continued homeschooling to allow our family to have that time together.

We have used many different programs in our journey.  Some of it has been a steep learning curve as we are secular homeschoolers and especially as we started many suggestions I received from others were not a secular basis for how the curriculum was designed.  There should be more on this distinction in a post soon here.

We also homeschool to accommodate the asynchronous learning that our children have.  This in itself has been a learning process and a journey we are still undertaking the full understanding of as the youngest insists on doing school with her sisters, and our over 6 year journey of homeschooling.

I look forward to sharing more with you as a family of faith homeschooling in a secular way.