About Me

Looking For Marbles came out of our need to be able to share what is happening in our lives with family members living far away.  We don’t always get to see family as much as we would like and this way they can keep in touch with us.

Where did the name come from?  Well we figure we lost our marbles long ago, before we even had kids :>)  Now that we are the parents of five girls, we figure the marbles are LONG gone but we keep looking just the same!  Sanity must arrive again at some point right?

I decided to keep this as the name for our blog as we document our homeschooling  journey as well.  Because many people do not understand why after all the other things we have been through as a family I decided that homeschooling was a good idea.  So the name still fits.  🙂

As of this month, 2017 our girls are:

  • Miss C – currently 11 years old, loves to sing, make people happy and currently has dreams of being a doctor.
  • Miss L – currently 10 years old, loves to draw and write stories and will read until she can keep her eyes open no longer.
  • Miss F – currently 7 years old and very happy to mention tell everyone anything and everything that has happened in her life or she believes will happen in her life and the names of all her sisters and our pets… you get the idea.
  • Miss M – 3 years old and amazes me with the connections I see her brain making.

It’s awe inspiring and humbling to have been blessed with these girls I get to see grow up.

  • And finally, Miss Angela, our angel in heaven who left us after a precious 37 months of life. Our angel in heaven who had alobar holoprosencephaly and hydrocephalus here on earth.  We know she is flying with high now and is laughing as she watches her sisters as they grow up.  Angela blessed us as her parents from January 2002 until February 2005.
    … 37 months longer than she should have,
    … proving them wrong all the way,
    … teaching us all not to put a limit on what God can do when we are willing to be in his hands.  I will be putting more of Miss Angela up here on the blog again because her life impacted us so much.  When I do I will put a link to that directly here.

You might notice that on this blog I am a person of faith but it does not impact our homeschooling as most would traditionally think.  We are secular homeschoolers and yes we believe in scientific fact.  Mr. Marbles is a Physicist, so it could not really be any other way.