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Fit2B 2018 Giveaways

Have you seen the giveaway announcement at Fit2B?  I almost missed getting something out for you, eeks! {Please remember this post contains affiliate links, so if you do purchase a membership I will earn...

water pouring into a pool with the text, Unexpected Teaching Moments this weekend at Looking For Marbles.com 0

Unexpected Teaching Moments

There are days you plan on teaching something. There are other days the teaching ends up happening because of life. Unexpected teaching moments. Sometimes they are for me, sometimes they are for the kids. ...

Just Keep Swimming Dory Mug, how I'm trying to Just Keep Swimming as Reality Swirls around at www.lookingformarbles.com 0

Just Keep Swimming

Right now my mind is swimming.  There are so many things that I could be doing or should be doing and I feel pulled in many different directions at once.  Dory from Finding Nemo and...