Learning to Dance…Again

It’s that way with blogging too. I’ve been away so long that it feels awkward to start up just randomly but in a sense that is exactly what I have to do.

Learning to Dance again at Looking for Marbles

The hardest part is figuring out how to work that dance of being a wife, being a mom, being a teacher for the girls (since we are homeschooling three now), blogging, and any of the other hats I decide I’m wearing in any given week.  If anything, the course of the last two years has taught me learning to thrive (the dance) when it seems like everything is falling apart (the rain/storm) is so important to keeping a healthy attitude towards myself and life in general.

So for me that includes this need to write.  This need to document my journey.  There is soooo much I want to write about.  I want to write about our homeschooling and the madness of trying to find secular homeschooling materials.  I want to share what is still working and what is new.  I want to write about motherhood and the many facets of that. My self-care and health after my surgeries, my diastasis recti, my hernias and using Fit2B among that mess to help me keep my sanity.

So yeah, I’m starting again. It’s just after the middle of February. I’m drafting some posts on my phone when I’m sitting upstairs with the baby, trying to get her down. I’m hoping to get time at my computer to finish polishing them to start posting regularly.

Hopefully you will want to come read about how I’m working the dance into this pile of marbles that make up my life.