Fit2B CyberMonday Sale = Me Time Self-Care

Did you see my post yesterday leading you to the Fit2B Membership options so you could think about what you might want to consider during the CyberMonday sale?   {Please remember this post contains affiliate links, so if you do purchase a membership I will earn a small affiliate commission.}

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This last week has been busy for everyone.  We traveled to visit family and had Thanksgiving with them.  We then came home and on Sunday made our own Thanksgiving dinner to have the wonderful leftovers and so I could make soup.  In the midst of all of this my husband has been trying to prepare for the end of the semester sprint.  The rush to think of Christmas shopping has been felt as a push from ads on TV, Facebook, physical mail and the barrage of emails.  But as I spoke of yesterday I’m trying to, in that barrage, take care of me and thoughtfully select our gifts or needs.  A huge part of that for me today is for my me time, making sure that I renew my membership to Fit2B with the CyberMonday sale.  There is so much more than the membership which you can see here in the Fit2B shop.  There are the courses things you get with the membership but there is also skin care and jewelry all done with the families that make up Fit2B.

But…. I promised you yesterday I would break down the membership options and tell you what I thought.  So here it goes.

Monthly membership

I started out with Fit2B as a monthly member.  I wasn’t sure if I would really benefit from the membership and honestly money was tight then too.  I was pretty sure watching the video that I had a pretty big diastasis recti (DR) and that was concerning to me.  I was trying to take care of three kids while my husband worked away from home and things just didn’t feel quite right with my body. I continued to do the monthly membership for over a year.

The wonderful part about being a monthly member is sometimes it is easier to come up with and it is automatically billed and you can cancel at any time.

Yearly Membership

In November of 2014 I couldn’t pass up the yearly membership option.  With the changes since I joined honestly would never go back if I have the choice.  My reason for that is, even though there are a lot of bills towards the end of the year for us (think Amazon Prime subscription), I like not having to budget for it each month and if I want to family to cover part of the cost of my membership I can ask for money towards it for Christmas.  Yes I’m paying for it ahead of time but I’m able to recoup a little of that cost later.  I also don’t have to worry about something coming up and my frugal brain feeling guilty that I’m paying for something for me each month when that money “could be better used …” fill in the blank.  Yes I’ve been there.

Premium Membership

If I was just joining today this is the one I would be trying to spring for.  There are four awesome courses that I have either won as a part of giveaways or purchased through different bundles.  The Neck Challenge alone is worth the extra bit and it has helped me quite a bit when I have been stressed and my headaches just seem constant.  Even though the membership when joining today is $119, you renew next year at the yearly price of $99 so really you get the extra courses which you do at your own pace as a bonus for joining yearly.

Taking care of yourself

Either way you look at it as moms we fill a lot of roles.  Taxi driver, short order cook or just cook, nanny, teacher (whether you homeschool or not), and caregiver whether the kids are tiny, or taller than you.  Fit2B is one way I am trying to take care of myself.  So take a look and if you decide that the membership might not be for you right now that is okay.  I’m going to be still talking about Fit2B here.  I’m even starting to try to make Fit2B stickers for my planner to help force me to make sure I do my workouts.

First rendition of my planner sticker that was way too small but I'm already thinking of the new design. Posted as a part of the CyberMonday sale post.

Remember you can try out some of the free workouts shown in red in the A to Z listing.  Let’s make the rest of this and the coming year where taking “Me Time” is not a selfish thing.  But instead of a reminder to take care of ourselves as caregivers so that we can do all that we want to do with our families.